Fertility Goddess

I told you yesterday, boobies are literally everywhere. More proof… Friend: Are you supposed to just slip this thing into your home decor to help you get pregnant?? Me: Yes. It’s like Elf on the Shelf. No one can touch it, yet it mysteriously moves around the house while random stuffed animals and army men […]


Boobies are everywhere. Until you need them.

Boobies are literally everywhere. Until you need them and then you can’t find them anywhere. I popped into Spencer’s the other day to look for a gag gift. Remember Spencer’s? I used to love going there when I was in high school. It was the ultimate place for edgy, humorous gag gifts. Or for a […]


Marco Polo

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest animal lover. I have no desire to swim with stingrays in the Grand Caymans or ride horseback in Costa Rica. I’m not likely to housesit your cat or even hold your bearded dragon. And I guarantee that I won’t own any animal that I have to feed other […]


Logo Design: I’m Loco for Logos

As I get closer to the book design element of publishing, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to branding and logo design. While I have toyed around with Photoshop and Gimp (both image editors), I am no seasoned professional so I turned to Carrie of carrielovesdesign.com to help create a logo that represents my unique […]


Just Say No to Camel Toe

Can we pretend this isn’t happening? The camel toe is trying to wedge its way (pun intended) into mainstream fashion and social media. E! News was discussing it on my television today! Someone make it stop. Khloe Kardashian has taken to Instagram this morning by naming her Camel toe Camille even saying, “Camille the camel […]


Rob Gronkowski Erotica

Unbeknownst to me, Dan and I are the subjects of the latest erotica series to leak onto the shelves of the adult entertainment industry. I say unbeknownst to me because I only just now found out about my erotic involvement. No, we aren’t the latest victims of a computer hacking scandal or political indignity. What I’m […]

f&c 191

Stop Child Abuse Now

I’m not the best person. I’m a tolerable wife, a decent friend, kind of a shitty sister, a mediocre daughter and even worse daughter-in-law. But I’ll tell you what I am (or, at least what I think I am) — a good mother. Am I the best mother? Not by a long shot. Am I […]

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